“Your Name Sounds Like a Stripper!”

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    Someone once told me that “My name sounds like a stripper” when they found out my name was Nicole Ocean. I didn’t get offended and instead thought that it was pretty-darn cute, even though I’m 100% confident that I’d make a terrible stripper!

   I think that there is so much pressure in the world when it comes to being a woman. Many of us are confused about what’s appropriate and what’s not when it comes to how we dress, what we wear and how we wear it.

      Let me share a funny story with you about something that happened to me while I was a senior in high school. My parents spoiled us by taking us on a trip to Las Vegas during one of our school vacations. It was my first time in “Sin City” and I was super excited to see what it was all about even though I was underage still.

   As we checked into our hotel, we took the elevator up to our rooms. My parents got one room and our Mexican, exchange student, Rocio and I got our own room that was right door to my folks. As we walked out of the elevator and made our way to our rooms, we strolled by a room where the door was open. There on the bed in plain site was a fat, beer-bellied, hairy old man. My curiosity got the best of me, while my eyes got violated at the sight of him, I quickly tried to put this distraction out of my head as I looked at Rocio and grimaced. Just as us girls got into our room and put down our luggage our phone rang. Of course, I picked it up without much thought or hesitation. On the other end of the line was a man’s voice, he had a strange accent and quickly got to the point, he said, “I noticed you when you walked by my room and I wondered how much?” Immediately, I was in shock and couldn’t believe the words that I just heard coming out of the phone receiver. I replied, “How much, for what?” He shot back “How much for the night!” Ughhhhhhh, gross! This was how I instantly felt as a little sick feeling creeped up inside me in disbelief that I heard him right. He sounded very serious and I couldn’t contain myself, so I hung up the phone without responding to him. I looked at Rocio and we both freaked out!

   Next, I dashed next door to my parent’s room to tell them what had just happened and as I spit out that vial story, I must have had a very naïve look on my face because pretty soon, my Dad couldn’t contain himself and he cleverly started talking with a very familiar accent and sounded exactly like the man on the phone that I was just dealing with. My Dad admitted that he was the one that called me and was playing a joke on us. That asshole, he acted like he was that nasty-ass old man that we passed when we were walking to our rooms. We all had a laughing fit and big smiles on our faces for the rest of the night. I think my Dad was trying to teach me a lesson here.

   My Dad has this very special gift of being able to be a ‘"smart-ass" wise cracking fool that loves to make people laugh, smile and feel good. I wish I had his talent, even if it gets him in trouble sometimes, it is infectious and fun to be around! Thankfully, my soon-to-be-husband has this gift too and has an amazing charm and wit with people but whoops this is for another lesson, another day.


   Have some class and taste ladies and most of all respect yourself by choosing to not show your tits and ass off in public, well unless you are a prostitute, then you have a free pass to show your shit. For all other refined women, I think saying that is equivalent to what men are told when they get out of control, is to “keep it in your pants.” Leave a little to people’s imagination and curiosity by not flaunting your junk and exposing your body to anyone that crosses paths with you. If you are perchance to be someone that tends to show a lot of skin, do me a favor and think about why you choose to do this and who is serves.

   Covering up, toning down and showing less should be rewarded not only by how you feel about and think about yourself as a respectable lady, but it should set a great example to those in your life that may look up to you. Leave the naughty, slutty stuff for the bedroom instead of putting on a free show for people that I think don’t deserve to see you in all your glory and for the amazing, intelligent woman that you are. Am I right?!

LESSON Twenty One: Classy Women Don't Flaunt Their Bodies