LESSON THREE: Don't Forget to Be Your Own Best Friend First

“All We Need is Love.…And it Starts with Self-Love!”

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   You may have heard this phrase, “You can’t love anyone else, before you learn to love yourself.” Even though this may sound a little hooky it is a very powerful and a simply, brutally honest statement.

   Most times we are our own worst enemy, we hate ourselves more than anyone else and are most self-critical than we need to be, why? We look to others for approval, to feel loved and accepted, when we should be looking inward first. I still struggle with this and my self-esteem from time-to-time (to be honest), but I understand this concept very well and try to put things into practice every day. I make it a point to do something nice for myself every single day and then once a month I take myself out on a date or a special romantic weekend getaway. I’ve got no one to please and do exactly as I want without any opinions or interruptions.

   Although, I have a general idea of where I want to go and such, I don’t have a schedule or a hard-and-fast plan set in stone, I just go where the winds blows me. Most times, I spoil myself rotten! I highly recommend that you take up this practice if you haven’t already.

Learn as much as you can about yourself whenever the mood strikes. Take the Myers Briggs personality test to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, then have your kids take the test while they are in high school or college because I guarantee it will teach them some great info about themselves. Plus, once you find out what your four-letter personality type is, you can dig a little to find out what professions are best for your personality. My, was I right on! I’ve also used it on an ex, as we were dating, I asked him to take the test. Afterwards, I excitedly read up on what his personality type was all about. It really helped me understand him more! I highly recommend doing this test and then once you figure out what your 4-letter sign is, google search it to learn even more. One of my favorite surprises was learning what jobs best fit my personality, let me just tell you that it was right on! (By the way, I’m an INTJ)

   If you’d like to check out the tests that I recommend simply click on the links listed below and it will take you there:




  Take yourself on date nights, lunches, go to the movies alone and on weekend trips, get room service, spoil yourself, with just you and no one else. Enjoy time with yourself and remember to be grateful and thankful for all of the blessings in your life that you are fortunate enough to have.

   Make a concentrated effort to get to know yourself, your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Employ tests like the Myers Briggs personality test, the 5 love languages and anything that helps you understand yourself more.

   You’ve heard the saying that we were born into this world alone and will die alone, I don’t think that’s true because at the very least our Mom was present when she gave birth to us and if you do things right and have a little luck on your side then you shouldn’t have to die alone when your time comes. Your best friend will always be there, being you!