LESSON Ten: Work to Live, NOT Work to Live

“Don’t Work Just for the Sake of Working!”

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  I am so guilty of twisting this lesson and the purpose behind it, more so in the past because now, after a few years I am able to pick up on when I am overworking. Although, today I am much better about not working just to work because there are more important ways for you to express your identity, purpose, values and such.

   In the last few years, I’ve really paid attention to how much people (especially the men that I’ve know and been around for a length of time), they seem to feel that their identity is and should be based on what they do for a living. I think that this is such a sad way of thinking.

   Whenever I get to go to a party or a social event, I dread the inevitable question that will be bound to pop-up sometime during the event of “So, what do you for a living Nicole?” I have my standard answer and then I have my smart-ass answer. How I respond, depends on if I actually care to impress the folks I’m around and that they are people that I feel like I am vibing with or if I think they are shallow, meat-heads. Pretentious, fake people are the worst. It’s fun messing with them, screwing with their heads and their conscious (well, if they still have one!)

     My response to those that I feel like I connect with and get a sense that I respect them, will get my heartfelt answer of: “I am a serial entrepreneur and small business owner. I get to help people every day through my businesses and I’m so fortunate.”

   For those unlucky, snobby chaps and women, I tell them that “I’d rather not shop talk and instead am more interested in what cool experiences or trips people in the room have gone and that they want to talk about.”

   Some people can’t handle my response to the tacky, ego-centric folks, so they push. When they do, I walk away and go find a “friendly face” in the crowds. Sometimes, this friendly face is my husband or a friend. I’m cool with that!


   Don’t let your job define you or your life and the terms of what work you are willing to do to obtain the lifestyle that you want, period. Don’t be one of those people that focuses on work and what you do for a living or to worry about people around you. We aren’t in competition over each other as far as who has the better job or is smarter. Our focus should be on connecting with people at a core level on topics, ideas, experiences and beliefs that actually empower and better our lives. Leave the shallow bullshit conversation for another time and another place. What you do for a living should be all about working to live, not living to work!

   Plus, I think that the type of work that you do at the end of the day should leave you feeling like what you are doing is making an impact and a real difference in your life and in those that you may help. Screw society and the outside pressure that exists to make you feel bad. If you feel like you are doing good quality work and that it is supporting your lifestyle then I think you are on the right track. If you are a little lost around the way and your path is taking you off course or away from your goals, recognizing what’s going on, stopping it and choosing to do something different will help you move towards where you want to be.