“Squeal Like a Pig, But Only if You Really Are One!”

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    I am no superstar role model when it comes to eating, but I am one in a way because of what I eat. I try to eat healthy, organic food because what can I say, I’m a little granola! I grew up in Washington state for god sake, that should tell you most of what you need to know because in case you aren’t familiar with this, in the Pacific Northwest part of Washington, in Oregon and California, we recycle, we eat clean, organic whenever possible and love to hug at least one tree a day. We are spoiled and smarter than the average bear, I think!

   I grew up where my Mom did most of the cooking and shopping for us. She’s Norwegian and grew up in Minnesota so they have a lot of fat on their bones because it gets colder than the north pole there in the wintertime, so they eat fattening food, lots of meat and some strange shit like, Lutefisk, lefsa and head cheese.

   Food is very personal to people and not something that you should judge them on or critic them about, unless they ask you for advice or help, I get that!

      I’m a big advocate for eating what your body craves. I try to let it decide what I should eat. Some days it wants me to eat dessert first thing in the morning and breakfast for dinner, I let it do her own thing, within limits. I figure that if I am craving something it’s because I may be lacking some vitamin or nutrient, no joke!

   Because I’m a “skinny bitch,” oftentimes, I get a lot of stares from women that are bigger than myself. I’m sure I can imagine what they are saying to themselves in their heads and they know that I am likely to be saying the opposite about them at the same time, except for me it’s being thankful for not being big or slobbish. What people don’t get is that it’s painful to be too thin just as it is to be too big, it just comes with different problems.

   I’ve got a confession to make, doctors diagnosed me as having “stress-induced anorexia” in the early 2010’s. I didn’t know what that meant, I just knew that I was miserable, didn’t feel well and was way too thin for my frame. In the coming years, I decided to learn more about this condition and figure out what my symptoms meant. I learned a lot about my body during this time. I also worked on my mind, my thoughts and my actions.

   Many people think that food is the main problem with people that are too skinny, when there could be countless underlying problems and issues that should be the reason focus of concern and action. For me it was a control issue and food and what I drank was something that I could control when I felt like I had no control over my emotions, relationships, my business, my son and so on.


   Try to learn to not take out your frustrations and emotions on yourself by how you take care of your true-prized possessions, your body and health. Eat to live, not live to eat!

   Try not to judge someone by the size of their body, everyone has stuff that they are dealing with and because food is so personal, focus on yourself instead of look to make fun of or tear down others who may be different than you. If outsiders aren't hurting you directly by the choices they made when it comes to food, portions and anything else surrounding eating, leave them alone, even if you "love them" and are "concerned" about their well-being. That isn't your job!
   Lastly, have dessert first somethings as well as have breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Mix it up, have fun and do things in moderation.


LESSON Eighteen: You Are What YOU Eat, So Don't Be a Pig