LESSON Sixteen: Ignore Your Weaknesses and Focus on Your Strengths

“It’s Warm in the Sun and Cold in the Shade!”

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    In school, I was terrible at math, I mean absolutely miserable at it, except for basic math. I hated it and it hated me! I failed Algebra I and II in middle school, high school and even in junior college as well as when I went to university. I also stunk at Geometry and had pretty much the same track-record of failure with this subject too! Being bad at math almost delayed me from graduating high school in fact, thankfully I was somehow able to just squeak by!

   Then, while I was pursuing my 4-year degree, I came to another dusty crossroad, when I was trying to go after getting a degree in business administration. Knowing my sad past of poor performance with this damn subject (math) and seeing how much math was involved, I decided to completely change directions. At the time, I was disappointed in myself but looking back on things, I made the completely right decision for myself.

   I ended up being able to take all of the credits that I had taken from 5 different junior colleges and universities and mass them all into a four-year degree that I was very proud of and one that worked out wonderfully for me. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies in 2000, after 8 years of going, stopping, failing a few classes here and there, changing my major a few times to finally getting my four-year degree.

      Ironically, I now do the books for my businesses and have for years. I taught myself how to do bookkeeping and have learned enough real-world math to be able to handle this task without major heart-ache. This just goes to show you that most of what you learn in school isn’t helpful in your adult life and with your career; as an example, who the hell really uses Algebra and Geometry in their job on a frequent basis?! I don’t and most of us don’t have to either. I’m glad I know better (that’s one of my favorite sayings, btw) and can hold my head up tall and proud because I know what really matters and that’s to play to your strengths.


   Don’t beat yourself up from the things that you don’t do well with, instead I think it’s best to acknowledge them and then move past them without making yourself feel bad. The real treasure is to figure out all of the things that you excel at, that come easy to you and one that you can get lost and into a flow state. This is where you will find out what you are passionate about, what makes you feel good and the things that help you become a more confident, powerful person. Who doesn’t want and need this?