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   I pride myself on not following trends that I don’t believe in. I enjoy purposely side-stepping the path that I see the masses walk. Some call this “following the bandwagon.” In fact, I try very hard to go in the exact opposite direction by making my own path. I take advantage of trends and not the other way around, most times :) 

   For me, I don’t want to be blindly taken for a ride, taken advantage of or controlled. That’s exactly how I see most trends.


   I believe many people around the world have been brainwashed to a certain extent and I’m included in this dilemma. While some of our teaching are light and can seem inconsequential,  others can really make a deep impact and leave a mark.

   If you think about it, we first get ‘brainwashed’ by our parents while we are growing up, (I remember feeling powerless many times as a child and hated how it felt) then by our school system and our teachers as they ‘educate’ us. Then, as we grow up and are already “brainwashed” into submission, we oftentimes buy into radio, tv and multiple media sources of high-pressure advertising and marketing schemes. All the while, unbeknownst to most, we are being infected with a set of rules, beliefs and idealogy that is supposed to help us get along in society. Some calls this ‘“the norm.” I think fitting in with the masses and being part of ‘the norm’ just plain sucks!

   Although, in the past, I didn’t see it. I HAVE seen the light!

   Let me tell you, It is hard to see it as big and small businesses, organizations and the government (and the list can go on and on,) try their hand at forcing their agendas, their beliefs and motivations out into the public, much like a parasite does. It stealthily figures out a path and a way to get inside you. They silently crawl into you, are hidden to plain site and bring harm to the innocent individual that they infect. (This ideology might seem drastic, but I feel that this is a hidden plague that most people around the world are affilicted with, whether they know it or not.)

   Just like the military breaks people down in boot camp and with their special training. Their main agenda is to have everyone conform, obey and comply. Within the process an individual gives up personal control, decision-making and autonomy. I think religion is like this too, they may have their own sets of motivations and agenda, but I see it all the same. A means to control the masses by any means. Whether the goal is to get your money, your attention or your control, I think it’s all corrupt, so I try to recognize it and fight ‘against the machine.’

   Please know, that I do not mean any disrespect to anyone that may be listed anywhere in the words of this lesson. I know that my views and opinions may be controversial to some but they are my beliefs. I’m just happy to have figured this all out for myself. I feel good about it too and have purposefully and calculatedly chosen to not follow along.


   Question everything! It’s scary when you figure out how the world and society is setup. If you follow along without making waves you may get along ok but in the process you may lose yourself, your true identity and values, essential the ReaL, authentic you. 

   We have years of being exposed to being ‘brainwashed.’ The goal should be to recognize the sources and messages that you encounter that you don’t believe in. You can set yourself free by fighting trends, walking with eyes, wide open and avoiding the windy, blind path of the masses.

   Some great examples to learn from are: multi-level marketing, advertising of any form, the military and organized religion to name but a few guilty sources where brainwashing occurs.

   You deserve to lead a life with your own set of beliefs, not ones that limit you or try to scare you into submission. I hope that you will challenge yourself to seek out opportunities to take your own path. Be a fierce wolf in your own life, not a sheep.

LESSON Seventeen: Take Advantage of Trends, Not the Other Way Around