LESSON Nineteen: Celebrate Your Life in Some Way, Every Single Day

“Tomorrow Isn’t Promised – So Don’t Piss Away Today!”

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    Remember when you were a kid and the end of the school year brought us to endless possibilities for how we’d spend our upcoming summer break? Think back to how it felt and how excited you were about this happening, man how simple was it to make us happy back in the day?! Fast forward to where you are today and I bet many of you would say that it’s like pulling teeth to find joy, contentment and pleasure with the same level of enthusiasm that we did when we were growing up.

    Now let me let you in on a few secrets that I figured out that helps me celebrate my life in such a pure, childlike way. Simple pleasures for me come in small gestures and in doing things that I enjoyed when I was a kid. I’ll challenge anyone to a game of capture the flag, kickball, or horse on the basketball. I dare you in fact, because I’m pretty, darn confident that I’d smoke ya! 😊 As a kid one of my nicknames was “Burner,” what can I say, I used to burn people on the soccer field, on the basketball and tennis court and when we played volleyball. I am gifted at sports and no, I don’t throw a baseball like a girl! I remember one of the criteria for me when dating someone was that they had to be able to throw a baseball well, if they didn’t that was a red flag for me and they had to go, but that’s another story for another time.

    I think that it’s critical to act like a kid sometimes. Go throw rocks down at the pond or lake by your house, put that pop can in your bike tire spokes so that you can act like you are driving a loud motorcycle. For me, I get a thrill playing sports, riding my Segway mini pro or my son’s old longboard skate board, and even enjoy playing some of my old beloved high school sports where I earned a varsity letter; soccer and basketball. These moments bring me a lot of satisfaction and joy. Think about what things make you feel this way, please!

   On an important side note, while I was writing this lesson, I thought about something that I want to share with you that personally happened to me and served as a wake-up call. Back when I was at a place where I had let myself become unhealthy physically and mentally and was just plain messed up all around, I found myself laughing out loud with my son one day out of the blue, very spontaneously. It just felt so good! The main issue was that when we were done laughing, I immediately though tot myself that I couldn’t remember the last time we laughed like that. I knew right away that this was a HUGE travesty and a problem that I had to work on. Laughing is wonderful medicine and it helps heal wounds and scars that are invisible deep inside me. I highly recommend taking some of this powerful medicine whenever you need it. It’s done this body and soul good!


   Try to live a balanced, fulfilling life. Act like a kid whenever possible and don’t take yourself too damn serious. Get out and play sports with a loved one or one an adult league, just don’t lost sight on acting like a BIG kid whenever you feel the urge.

  I take things one-day-at-a-time but I know where I’m going, where I’ve been and that the horizon is the right thing to focus on, not the rearview mirror.

   If you are someplace in your life where you can’t see your vision and where you want to be, what you want to be doing, then you somewhere along the way have lost your focus. Get it back! Act like a kid again and as if you are doing something for the first time. Get those cobwebs out of your ass and hake that booty and then dance like you don’t give a shit if anyone is watching you.

   Some things are unnatural and go against the grain. If they are really bad then we will feel that something is wrong, that we are missing out on or should be having more fun.  When you grab onto something and made a choice that feels like gritty, sandpaper is rubbing on your raw skin, then that should be your sign to make a change.

   Even if you do something that you’ve done countless times before, it’s okay to act like it’s the first time that you ever tried it. It tricks our brain into having fun, feeling youthful and touches our soul to the point of grounding us and connecting us back to a time and place where life was carefree and easy, hopefully!