LESSON FIVE: EVERYTHING in Life is Temporary

“Things Can Be Replaced, People Cannot!”

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 Buddhists have it right when it comes to how everything in life is temporary.  I think that they have a lot of teachings that make sense and although I am not into organized religion, my inner, spiritual-self tends to resonate on a frequency best meet with the beliefs of Buddhists. We oftentimes speak the same soulful language even though I’m not one of them.

    I know that we’d like to think that this isn’t the case because then what’s our purpose and the whole point of our life and for the time that we are given. Well, I can tell you in a clear resounding way that our time isn’t meant to get attached to material things. Our focus should be spent on creating experiences, building relationships and leading a life where we showcase our talents and strengths. Now let me hear an “Amen Sista!”

   I have lost nearly everything in my life and everyone that mattered to me in my life, I have become a near expert at this phenomenon because of the choices I’ve made in the last 15+ years. I’ve had some major wake up calls and ah-ha moments in the 40+ years that I’ve been blessed to be alive to enjoy thus far and through them all, I can attest to how everything in life is temporary, both in bad and good ways.

   A very hard thing for me to learn that revolves around the fact that everything in life is temporary, is when one day I’d wake up thinking it was going to be another predictably normal day, when by the end of the day, my life was somewhere completely different than where I started that morning. This has happened to me many times and although I have made some somewhat drastic and sometimes very painful choices in my life (in this time that it takes most people a whole lifetime to experience), I am thankful to be able to still be here, to be alive and to be able to continue to learn. 

   For me to actually really comprehend and understand this powerful lesson was a build-up of learning that happened for me over time and something that I became very fluent and comfortable with specifically in the last few years. The outcome of my decisions has always impacted my life because there is no escaping this reality but I accepted this reality.

   Most of my choices have been life-changing in very good ways, while some were lessons were ones that I’d have to tell you that I was somehow able to survive through and make it out the other side.  Even though, oftentimes those close to me shook their head in disbelief and couldn’t understand why I was doing what I was doing, I knew exactly what I was doing and why I wanted to do it. Of course, at the time, I was clueless about the outcome or the consequences that would come along with my decisions, but I did know exactly when I had to take major action and how to make a change happen in a way that brought me to a place I need to go to.

   The key for me was to take intentional, purposeful action and not wait until I was uncomfortable or in pain, once I knew I needed to do something because if I put it off, I’d keep thinking about it and would ruminate on it repeatedly. I’m sure you can sympathize with having something like this happen in your life. It would eat away at my soul and erode my self-worth. So, I tried to listen to what my soul wanted me to do and that little voice in my head led the way.


   Just when you get used to something great in your life, it seems to vanish or end eventually So, instead of dwell on a self-fulfilling prophecy where “all good things must come to an end,” quoted by the poet Geoffrey Chaucer, it’s wise to instead just enjoy the journey when it’s happening without regard to when it will stop.

   Nothing lasts forever but maybe this is a very good thing. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason when it’s supposed to happen. It just may take some time to understand why and then be able to look inside ourselves to ask what did we learn from this situation or event.