1. Stress Kills and Love Heals

  2. Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

  3. Don't Forget to Be Your Own Best Friend First

  4. Take Full Responsibility for Yourself at ALL Times

  5. EVERYTHING in Life is Temporary

  6. Control Your Money or it Will CONTROL You

  7. Try to Be a Minimalist

  8. Be Consistent with the Things that Truly Matter to YOU

  9. Don’t Abuse and Neglect Your Body

  10. Work to Live, NOT Live to Work

  11. Love is NOT a Game So Don't Play Around With People's Emotions

  12. Cut Off ALL Your Hair, at Least Once in Your Life

  13. Get Completely Lost a Few Times in Your Life

  14. Follow Through on Your Dreams, Goals and Plans or They WILL Haunt You

  15. A Name is NOT, Just a Name.......To Me

  16. Ignore Your Weaknesses and Focus on Your Strengths

  17. Take Advantage of Trends, Not the Other Way Around

  18. You Are What YOU Eat, So Don't Be a PIG

  19. Celebrate Your Life in Some Way Every Single Day

  20. Smart Ladies Don't Wear High Heels Every Day

  21. Classy Women Don't Flaunt Their Bodies in Public

  22. Never Stop Learning, Until the Day You Die

  23. You Can Overdose on ANYTHING

  24. Smart People Have Just a Few True Friends

  25. Don't Put Off Crap That You Can Do Today

  26. Don't Live in the Dark, in a Cave or Under a Rock

  27. Appreciate and Respect Mother Nature and ALL Her Creatures

  28. Don't Go into Business with a Family Member IF You Can Help It

  29. Give Away Your Love and Your Body Freely - To People That Deserve 'Em

  30. Don't Be an Asshole - Live by the Golden Rule

  31. Showing Up is Half the Battle, Filling Out Paperwork is the Other Half

  32. Don't Try to Change People, Accept Them "As-Is"

  33. Fight Like Hell to Get and Keep Good Credit

  34. Don't Act Like a Drone or Robot - Challenge Yourself to be Your VERY Best

  35. Life is About Understanding, Having and Running Good Systems in Place

  36. Don't be a Mooch, Pull Your Own Weight

  37. Failure Doesn't Mean You Give Up - It Just Means You Have More Lessons to Still Learn

  38. Love, Laughter, Music, Art and Nature are Great Forms of FREE Therapy

  39. Swear Like a Sailor and Do It Often

  40. Don't Neglect Your Teeth or They WILL Bite Back

  41. Try Your Best to Keep Your Promises & Meet Your Obligations

  42. Your Dreams Are the Windows to Your Soul

  43. Catch Up on Your Sleep When You Die

  44. Don't Let ANYONE Piss on You - Especially Ones That You Pay

  45. Don't Whine & Complain, Then Do NOTHING About It

  46. Do What You Love to Do & Do It Often

  47. Live and Work Someplace that Inspires You

  48. Spoil, Love and Treat Kids and Pets With the Care That They Deserve

  49. Don't Tolerate Toxic People - Kick Their Ass to the Curb

  50. Y.O.L.O. - Live the Life You Love & Don't Fuck Around!


Dedication: I created this project in part for my boy, Nick Surfer Ocean. I hope it helps him in his life and that he can come back to this (and me, unless I am not around) when he has questions, needs guidance and reminders, or just wants to learn more about my perspectives on life, love and everything in between. As for everyone else, I hope you gain at least 1 golden nugget of wisdom from any of my life lessons, so that you can use it to empower yourself and better your life because Y.O.L.O :)